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Bitcoin kurzy cz

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BTC úplne zadarmo #3 - Mining hra (CZ/SK)

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Use this link to register for the event. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Nutzen Passiv jene Gelegenheit lang nur ein persönliches Gespräch an dem Stand sonst zu Besuch kommen ette unseren Vortrag.

These will cover why managing and setting up long-term archiving for business documents is beneficial for organizations, and how such an archive can be deployed nicht a legally compliant and technically sound manner.

We aim to offer you interesting information and solutions for your challenges and would be delighted to welcome you Maßeinheit Hamburg as a guest at this event. You will receive a confirmation via e-mail as soon as your request is processed. This year, the focus was Schönes? on e-discovery and new trends within the ARTEC product line - especially with regard to increasing legal requirements and the increasing demand for efficient solutions for e-mail and crisis management.

Organized by ARTEC IT Solutions Asia Pacific and Penta Systems, the seminar enabled an interactive exchange with industry experts and many exciting discussions, for example about saving potentials through innovative e-mail and content management.

Penta Systems Technology Inc. Simple, safe, and legally compliant archiving and diskret information management Zoll companies and organizations — also to the cloud — and the integration of unstructured data Maßeinheit primary applications are the focus of the minute lecture that will be given by an ARTEC expert at the event.

The customer event will take place from 1 to 4 p. Experience new technologies, innovations, and approaches first hand: touch the future at Swiss IT service provider Swisspro's in-house expedition on March 17, Compliant long-term storage of e-mail messages, files, documents, and other business data according to Swiss law are among the topics discussed.

ARTEC will also demonstrate how companies can remain on top of their data with modern and flexible solutions for information management. Swisspro is a leading Swiss B2B provider for solutions Maß the areas of building computer technology BCT , electrical engineering, and information and communications technology ICT. Discover our cloud solutions and managed services. The new solutions presented at CeBIT round off the company's wide range of solutions nicht the segments of big data, information management, and archiving with matching cloud solutions.

Partners and resellers can also leverage these new solutions to create efficient and channel-friendly products for comprehensive diskret information management, for secure compliance, and for legally compliant long-term archiving Maß the cloud. Non conjunction with the company's partners, Medialine AG's Hamburg branch office will hold exciting presentations about the latest solutions on offer. Several companies will present their newest solutions at the event held at the AlsterCity KonferenzCenter.

Of course, there are also ample opportunities for networking. ARTEC IT Solutions will present advanced solutions for diskret information management and legally compliant document archiving for companies and organizations.

Participants can gain IT know-how and expertise where soccer balls usually roll. It will focus on presentations and an accompanying exhibition on current issues, approaches, and innovations Einheit IT.

ARTEC's specialists will demonstrate modern solutions for diskret information management and legally compliant document archiving for companies an organizations. They will also demonstrate a new approach to the direct integraton of these solutions into primary applications.

It will begin with a small complimentary breakfast. Around 30 participants, including patriotisch and international distribution partners, took the opportunity to learn more about the latest products and solutions non preparation for the new business year. The venue, a local cinema Maßeinheit Karben, near Frankfurt an dem Main, provided a very special atmosphere for presentations and lectures. The evening was überhaupt? rounded off with a VIP showing of a movie.

The new SMART station module for detecting and indexing images and non-textual data, such as e-mail attachments, was Schönes? also introduced. ARTEC's enterprise scan engine and scan station attracted particular attention as part of a presentation about paper handling Einheit the diskret age. New eDiscovery and case management solutions, which were designed to meet compliance policies and to tackle complex legal issues, were also presented.

The kick-off event was überhaupt? rounded off with an outlook on future developments that are planned for and Two challenges that come as part of our new position Maß the area of information management are merging unstructured data un distributed environments and eliminating isolated solutions. We want to use these events to provide our partners with the best possible support for positioning and presenting our solutions.

The markets for diskret information management and big data have great potential for distributors and resellers, because many companies and organizations have considerable room for improvement un these areas.

The event focuses on talks and hands-on sessions Inch the areas of IT security and network technology. Decision makers meet vendors at Medocino's in-house trade ritterlich held November 10, At the event, several manufacturers will showcase their latest solutions over the rooftops of Hamburg. The event will be held non the exclusive designer offices at Hamburg Cathedral Square. The event, at which several major manufacturers will also participate, will be held Maßeinheit Milotice, near the wine region of South Moravia, on November Note, Participants can look forward to informative IT lectures, solution scenarios, and product presentation, which are rounded off with a varied program that includes a wine tasting and live music.

Andrew Kim will discuss legally compliant diskret information management non Universities as part of a talk titled "Campus e-Discovery. Visit our After Work Event and learn more about our modern solutions for eDiscovery and information management.

For more information, please contact us:. Partners, resellers, and representatives of value-added distributors from Belgium and Luxembourg gathered there on October 1, , to learn more about Exertis and the vendor portfolio offered by the distributor.

Visitors can learn about legally compliant archiving of e-mail messages and other business documents. Inch addition, ARTEC's experts will explain how to ensure constant availability of all relevant information using carefully matched mass storage products. These talks will focus on Trusted Computing and the next level of data security non information management systems.

The annual it-sa trade ritterlich is home to nearly exhibitors as of The Messe Congress it-sa event has recently established itself as one of the most important IT security events Zoll German-speaking countries.

If you would like to visit us at it-sa , simply visit www. Instead of welcoming visitors to a hotel or congress center, well-known manufacturers from various sectors will present their solutions on board the historic museum ship MS Stadt Kiel. The historical motor vessel welches built Zoll and is 30 meters long. ARTEC IT Solutions will inform visitors on board about today's challenges un information management and how the company's solutions help tackle them. ARTEC's experts will explain, among other things, what to watch out for when implementing legally compliant archiving of business information.

ARTEC will also demonstrate the advantages that diskret information management with instant access to data and information can offer organizations.

The event will take place on September 24, Einheit addition, the ship will depart for a small boat tour prior registration necessary with a complimentary cold and hot buffet.

Secure archiving and irdisch diskret information management are the key points of a roadshow that ARTEC IT Solutions is participating at Zoll cooperation with value-added distributor Acondistec this September.

It will be held on July Ortsfaktor, Legally compliant storage of diskret documents is central topic at a free event un the "Compass: Innovation Forum IT-Transfer" series.

On June 24, , ARTEC IT Solutions and selected partners will hold an information session Inch Frankfurt, at which participants can learn about current legal issues that corporations face, and how organizations can ensure that solutions for long-term archiving are compliant.

The new GoBD policies, which have replaced the previously well-known GDPdU regulations earlier this year, will also be taken into account. Visitors will also have the opportunity to gain more in-depth information at a get-together with the experts after the presentation,. The event is being hosted by value-added distributor Megahertz Inch the canton of Fribourg.

A series of events targeting IT solution providers, distributors, and value-added resellers will be held this April. Events will be held Maß three cities throughout the middle of April. Visitors can look forward to exciting talks, live demonstrations, examples of application, and technical discussions focused on IT security products made nicht Germany.

Focus will also be placed on the specific opportunities offered by marketing German security and information management solutions. The venues themselves are also exciting. Please note that this event is exclusively for IT solution providers, distributors, and value-added resellers.

Discover how our solutions can help you turn data into information. These solutions broadly cover big data, storage, and archiving. ARTEC's solutions are innovative and efficient tools that help companies and organizations implement integrated diskret information management, compliance, and legally compliant long-term archiving nicht combination with secure and reliable storage systems.

Visitors can attend talks and an accompanying trade exhibition focusing on current topics, solutions, and innovations Maßeinheit the IT sector. Baca Gonzalez, will discuss legally compliant digitial information management Inch organizations as part of a talk titled "Eine Mail bleibt 'ne Mail - revisionssichere Dokumentenarchivierung.

Un the coming weeks, ARTEC will hold a series of seminars about diskret information management and meaningful big data solutions together with Czech distribution partner IS4 Technologies.

The events are tailored to system integrators and value-added resellers. They will cover issues such as cyber security and the retention of e-mail messages, documents, files, and voice data. Topics to be discussed include what organization need to look out for, how they can select a solution that fits their needs, and how archiving can help save money.

The workshop will begin with an explanation of the technical and legal requirements, and a discussion on how to select the most appropriate solution for archiving. During a live demonstration, participants will receive insight into the operation and daily use of an archiving system. Afterwards, there will be a question and answer session. The workshop will be held on premise at pdv-Systeme Sachsen nicht Dresden, Germany on November 26, It is free of charge and will start at An dem.

The round table will cover the outlook and future of the IT industry, and explore how to use modern and creative solutions to create innovative ideas. As a co-exhibitor of Protea Networks GmbH, ARTEC will present its latest product innovations around the areas of big data, archiving, secure cloud computing, diskret information management, and eDiscovery. The it-sa trade ritterlich is held every fall at the Nuremberg Messezentrum Exhibition Center. It is one of the most important international trade fairs Maßeinheit the IT security segment, and is considered a major industry event for IT security specialists around the world.

The ritterlich is experiencing high growth rates. Non , around 7, specialists visited it-sa, and about companies displayed their offerings. The presentations will also include descriptive live demonstrations.

Held nicht Dachau, Germany on September 23, , the event is particularly convenient for visitors from Bavaria. At the ritterlich, there will be ample opportunities for in-depth knowledge building and exchange on hot topics and current challenges. A number of other leading manufacturers active un the areas of software, storage, and IT security, will also attend as exhibitors.

Also take the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and practical insights by seeing the actual solutions Maß operation. ARTEC's employees will also be available to answer individual questions. Held Zoll Goslar, Germany on September 16, , the event is particularly convenient for visitors from Lower Saxony. This event is tailored to specialists Zoll technical areas, such as IT managers, network managers, and system administrators.

Participants will be organized into small groups, and there will be several opportunities to gain in-depth knowledge about ARTEC's archiving solutions. The value-added distributor's experts will also share their first-hand experience gained during the transition to e-mail-based invoices. Two time-slots are available. The morning session 8. Further information and registration:. During the event, ARTEC's experts will also give a one-hour lecture on keeping archiving and diskret information management Zoll companies and organizations simple, safe, and legally compliant even when it is placed un the cloud.

It will begin around PM. The event will be held at the Kloster Banz conference center, near Bamberg:. Representatives of invited partner companies will have the opportunity to obtain detailed information about various marketing and sales strategies Zoll a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

The event will also serve as a platform for partners and industry representatives to exchange knowledge and technical experience. The international conference, held June Maß Philadelphia, PA this year, welches attended by over senior representatives from business and politics. Friedhelm Peplowski, was genau invited to the event's panel discussion as an expert Inch the field of information security. As the event targeted international investments, special emphasis was überhaupt?

placed on the particular requirements of that sector, such as the need to fulfill various compliance and legal regulations. ARTEC has several solutions to tackle these challenges, such as Federated Search, which helps organizations remain compliant even when working Maß international environments with different legal peculiarities.

Data exchange on an international scale also played an important role. As data and information continues to grow, companies and organizations around the world can no longer afford to ignore these topics. Representatives of the IT law sicher Laux Lawyers will provide a detailed introduction to the legal aspects behind archiving. During the event, they will provide a closer look at secure data storage Maß the cloud. ARTEC's technology allows large amounts of data to be found quickly and easily.

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